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Courthouse Closure April 7th-24th and April QC Meetings



TO: All County Officials, Department Heads, County Employees and The Public

FROM: Gerald Robinson, County Judge

DATE: April 3, 2020

RE: Courthouse Closure and Quorum Court Meeting Information

On behalf of Jefferson County, I thank members of the community and our partner agencies for all your efforts to protect the public and meet critical needs as we face this public health crisis and global pandemic. We appreciate you heeding the warnings to stay at home and following the guidelines to flatten the curve. County leaders and emergency management staff are constantly monitoring developments and strategizing about additional steps needed to protect the public. 

Effective Tuesday, April 7th through Friday, April 24th the Jefferson County Courthouse will be CLOSED. Some of our county employees have already had to be quarantined and we want to do our best to limit the risk of potential exposures to COVID-19.

During the closure we expect county employees to continue practicing social distancing, not gather in crowds of 10 or more people and exercise frequent hand washing. We encourage you to stay at home and only leave unless absolutely necessary. If you do venture into public spaces, we strongly encourage you to wear masks or protective face gear. We are also encouraging the public to follow the same guidelines to limit the spread of the coronavirus.

Although the Courthouse will be closed, county departments will still be operational online and by phone. Our courts are also continuing to function online. Please check the Jefferson County website ( for updates regarding county business and public health information. The Courthouse is scheduled to re-open to county employees on Monday, April 27th but access will remain restricted to the public.

Additionally, Jefferson County's Committee of the Whole and Quorum Court meetings will be held Tuesday, April 7 beginning at 5:30pm in the first-floor lobby of the Courthouse. Elected officials, essential staff and media attending the meeting will have their temperature taken and answer questions related to Covid-19 before being allowed into the Courthouse. Social distancing protocols will be followed. Guidance from the Association of Arkansas Counties on public meetings states that Ark Code 14-14-904 does not authorize Quorum Court meetings by phone or teleconference. Public access to the meetings will be restricted as a precautionary measure to protect public health. However, a recording of the proceedings will be posted on the county website.

Thank you for your support and cooperation. We will get through this difficult time together.