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Jefferson County Flood Warning

Flood Warning



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                       

May 28, 2019  


101 W. Barraque Street, Pine Bluff, AR 71601

(870) 541-5470

A Flood Warning is in effect for the Arkansas River at Pine Bluff affecting Jefferson County until further notice or until the warning is cancelled.

* Major flooding is forecast.

* The flood stage is 42.0 feet.

* As of 5:00 pm today, the Arkansas River at Pine Bluff is currently at 44.78 feet and will continue to rise to near 49.0 feet by Wednesday June 5th.

River forecasts are based on current conditions and rainfall forecast to occur over the next 18 hours. During periods of flooding, evening forecasts are reissued with updated rainfall forecasts.

Observed and forecasted stage data plots are available on our Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service web page at

At this time, the expected impact area is the areas that lie between the Arkansas River and the levees. Affected communities included Tar Camp at Redfield, Island Harbor, Trulock Bay Road, Wright, Shepard Island, Swan Lake Recreation Road, Big Bayou Meto and Little Bayou Meto Recreation areas.  All residents in these areas are urged to evacuate.  No further areas are affected at this time. This is an extremely dangerous and life-threatening situation. Updates will be released as necessary. 


  •     Jefferson County residents should take safety precautions in their homes, report flooding and stay away from flooded areas unless they live in the area.
  •     Inform local authorities about health and safety issues, such as chemical spills, downed power lines, washed-out roads, floating man hole covers and dead animals. If an emergency exists call 911.

Important Information

For assistance, including information on emergency shelters, call the Jefferson County Office of Emergency Management at 870-541-5470.