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Mother's Day Message

Happy Mothers Day from Gerald Robinson

Mother’s day became an official holiday approximately 100 years ago and was created as a way of honoring the labor of love and sacrifices that mothers continually make for their children. President Woodrow Wilson signed the measure establishing the second Sunday in May as Mother’s Day. Each year since, children and families have celebrated our dear mothers with flowers, greeting cards, gifts, candies and other tokens of gratitude. While we could never repay the selfless ways that mothers have loved and cared for us, sustained us, and taught us, it’s my prayer that mothers receive the appreciation and gratitude they so richly deserve in the most meaningful of ways. What better way to celebrate mothers beyond the recognition of today than to continue to uphold, by word and deed, the principles that our mothers have instilled in us and that we will forever cherish.

To those who are remembering their mothers on this day, I pray that you will be comforted by the gift of fond memories and the eternal assurance that the love you shared will always endure. And to every mother and mother figure, thank you for caring and loving without condition. Thank you for your commitment to empowering us and doing so with determination, grit and grace. We celebrate you. We honor you. We love you. Happy Mother’s Day!

With love,

Gerald Robinson

Jefferson County Judge